Surgical Center Items for Sale Complete Surgical / OR Room

Surgical Center Items for Sale Complete Surgical / OR Room

We have an OR / surgical room for sale with a list of equipment
and pictures of items below.  Email us at
for pricing and cost of items and entire surgical center.

Narcomed 2B anesthesia
Quantity 1 – Drager Narkomed, model# 2B, anesthesia machine –
Valley lab electrosurgical generator

Quantity 1 – Valley Lab unit, model# Force 2, electrosurgical on cart -Quantity
Used Medical Equipment Surgical Items
1 – ArthroCare ENT unit, model# Coblator 2, ENT surgical ablation machine –
Ambilation machine
Quantity 1 – ERBE unit, model# VIO 300D, electrosurgical unit, no cart – fourth photo above – please note that this equipment is not at same facility as other equipment and you should look for reference #130112 on our websiteQuantity 1 – Physio-Control unit, model# Lifepak 9A defibrillator –

Hanaulux surgical lights – single 3-head unit
(quantity 1)
Hanaulux surgical lights – dual 3-head unit
(quantity 3)
Crash cart (quantity 1)
Hill-Rom stretcher (quantity 1)
Sony display monitors, some are ceiling
suspended (quantity 10)
Variety of assembled floor-storage racks,
rolling carts, cabinets, pedestal IV poles, and Homak tool chests (mixed
quantities of each)
Amsco surgical table – remote control (quantity 1)
Amsco sterilizer, full
size, sits on floor, refurbished in 2009 (quantity 1)
Sonicor ultrasonic cleaner, tabletop (quantity 1)
Stackhouse smoke filtration
system (quantity 1)
Lumex six-position patient chair/recliner
(quantity 2)
KMI surgical liposuction
aspirator SOLD –
no longer available
Byron surgical liposuction unit
SOLD – no longer available

Aesculap Microtron surgery tool
motor (quantity 1)
H W Anderson
sterilizer, tabletop (quantity 1)
Patient transport frame (quantity 1)

A surgery center has closed – for sale: 1 stretcher,
1 surgical table, 4 sets of surgical lights, and 2
six-position patient recovery chairs. Summary below
of all available product and also a link to our website
for data and photos on individual pieces – we are direct
with the facility LIQUDATOR to sell this equipment but
they have not given a price list – make your BEST OFFER
on the lot, or on individual units.

For more information and photos email us
at This surgical room is
taking bids for the sale of these items as a
whole or individually.

Make an offer on these medical and surgical items email us at

About Used Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment

Refurbished and used hospital and medical equipment including Hill Rom hospital beds, Stryker Medical beds, gurneys, stretchers, EKG's, portable OB GYN and Vascular ultrasounds, Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasounds, Draeger / Narcomed anesthesia machines, Maquette and AMSCO "OR" operating / surgical tables, patient monitors, surgery lighting, X- ray machines, refurbished Hill Rom Advanta P1600 hospital beds, sterilizers, eye equipment, endoscopy / Stryker / Olympus towers, Laproscopic towers and carts, portable ultrasounds, OB /GYN ultrasounds, Vascular ultrasounds, Phillips and Lifepack 9 EKG's, stretchers, gurneys, overbed tables, endoscopy equipment, surgical lights, vital signs monitors, exam tables and everything and anything for a hospital and medical center. Hospital Direct Medical 858-731-7287 - Hospital restaurados y usados ​​y equipos médicos incluyendo ultrasonidos Acuson, Draeger / máquinas de anestesia, mesas de operación Narcomed maqueta, monitores de pacientes, la cirugía de iluminación, máquinas de rayos X, Colina camas de hospital Rom, esterilizadores, equipos de ojo, endoscopia / Stryker / Olympus torres, Laproscopic torres y carros, ultrasonidos portátiles, OB / GYN ultrasonidos, ultrasonidos vasculares, EKG de, camillas, camillas, mesas overbed, equipos de endoscopia, lámparas quirúrgicas, monitores de pacientes, monitores de signos vitales, mesas de exámenes y todo y cualquier cosa para un hospital y centro médico. Hospital Direct Medical 858-731-7287 - Se Habla Espanol Gloria Flores (858) 922-6862.
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