Stryker MPS 3000 Secure 1 Beds for Sale

Stryker MPS 3000 Secure 1 Beds for Sale
Full Electric Hospital Beds Starting at $700 Each

We have a large batch of full electric hospital beds
for sale including Secure I MPS 3000 beds and Secure II
beds also. Beds will go up and down, head up and down,
feet up and down and have emergency CPR release.

Order / Buy Stryker MPS 3000 Hospital Beds for Sale
Call 858-731-7278 Se Habla Espanol 858-922-6862
or email us at

We carry a wide range of electric hospital beds for sale
including Hill Rom Advance 1000 Series beds, Hill Rom
Advanta P1600, P1900, Hill Rom Versacare beds P3200,
Hill Rom Total Care beds, Stryker MPS 3000 beds, Stryker
Secure 2 beds with round and square rails plus gurney’s,
stretchers and more.

Stryker MPS 3000 Hospital Beds for Sale side rail

Stryker MPS 3000 Hospital Beds for Sale side rail

Email us for wholesale pricing at
We can ship from any coast and hospital beds prices
for orders of 5 beds or more.

Stryker MPS 3000 Electric Hospital Bed for Sale

Stryker MPS 3000 Electric Hospital Bed for Sale

We fully refurbish hospital beds in Los Angeles and
repaint the beds and provide new plastic, stickers,
motor parts and refurbished head and foot boards,
clutches, brakes and rails.

BUY Hospital beds by calling, emailing us or
visiting our warehouse below.

Hospital Direct Medical
4901 Morena Blvd #506
San Diego Ca., 92117
Phone: (858) 731-7278

New, used and surplus medical beds, stretchers,
gurneys and electric hospital beds by Stryker and Hill Rom

About Used Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment

Refurbished and used hospital and medical equipment including Hill Rom hospital beds, Stryker Medical beds, gurneys, stretchers, EKG's, portable OB GYN and Vascular ultrasounds, Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasounds, Draeger / Narcomed anesthesia machines, Maquette and AMSCO "OR" operating / surgical tables, patient monitors, surgery lighting, X- ray machines, refurbished Hill Rom Advanta P1600 hospital beds, sterilizers, eye equipment, endoscopy / Stryker / Olympus towers, Laproscopic towers and carts, portable ultrasounds, OB /GYN ultrasounds, Vascular ultrasounds, Phillips and Lifepack 9 EKG's, stretchers, gurneys, overbed tables, endoscopy equipment, surgical lights, vital signs monitors, exam tables and everything and anything for a hospital and medical center. Hospital Direct Medical 858-731-7287 - Hospital restaurados y usados ​​y equipos médicos incluyendo ultrasonidos Acuson, Draeger / máquinas de anestesia, mesas de operación Narcomed maqueta, monitores de pacientes, la cirugía de iluminación, máquinas de rayos X, Colina camas de hospital Rom, esterilizadores, equipos de ojo, endoscopia / Stryker / Olympus torres, Laproscopic torres y carros, ultrasonidos portátiles, OB / GYN ultrasonidos, ultrasonidos vasculares, EKG de, camillas, camillas, mesas overbed, equipos de endoscopia, lámparas quirúrgicas, monitores de pacientes, monitores de signos vitales, mesas de exámenes y todo y cualquier cosa para un hospital y centro médico. Hospital Direct Medical 858-731-7287 - Se Habla Espanol Gloria Flores (858) 922-6862.
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