Used Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasounds for Sale

Acuson Sequoia OBGYN / Vascular 512 Ultrasounds for Sale
Complete with Probes / Reconditioned  / Used

Sequoia 512 ultrasound machines in stock now
email us at or call 858-731-7278
OB / GYN / Vascular / Muscle Skelatal / Cardiac Systems

Sequoia 512 ultrasound machine for sale

Sequoia 512 ultrasound machine for sale

If you are looking for a great price for an Acuson Sequoia
Ultrasound then check out our inventory and pricing
on the Sequoia 512 multi use  ultrasound machine.

Reconditioned Sequoia 512 Ultrasound for sale with (2) probes $6,500 –
We have multiple units in stock set up for OB / GYN / Vascular /
Muscle Skelatal and Cardiac / We can assemble reconditoned systems
with 90 day warranty starting at $5,750 with 1 probe.

Linear probe / vascular probe, Convex / abdominal probe
and an endovaginal probe – included. (2) Ultrasound machines
left in stock currently.

Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound machine for sale with 3 probes $5,750 in good working condition

Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound machine for sale with 3 probes $5,750 in good working condition

Sequoia 512 Ultrasounds for Sale – we are always getting
new ultrasound machines in our San Diego area warehouse.
Call for ultrasound inventory at 858-731-7278 –
Wholesale ultrasound pricing. 

Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasounds Transducer / Probe Functions
Acuson 15L8W Probe/Transducer for Sequoia – breast screening –
8-13 MHz Wide-Band Linear probe for Sequoia ultrasound machines
Application(s): Testicular, Vascular, Superficial Imaging, Breast,
Thyroid, MSK

Sequoia ultrasound machines for sale and ekg's for sale

Sequoia ultrasound machines for sale and ekg’s for sale

The Acuson 8V5 neonatal cardiac ultrasound transducer is compatible
with Acuson Sequoia ultrasound systems. The 8V5 can be used in various
applications including: neonatal head, neonatal and pediatric abdominal

We have 2 Sequoia 512’s and 3 Sequoia 256 refurbished
ultrasounds for sale and in stock now ready to ship anywhere
including Los Angeles, Orange County or anywhere in the world.

Sequoia 512  Ultrasound with Linear Vascular / OBGYN $5,750
 * Includes (3) probes.
The Acuson Sequoia has unparalleled imaging performance, greater image content, enhanced detail, superior contrast resolution & penetration, and excellent color Doppler sensitivity all with an easy to use console with comfortable ergonomics.
Includes the Acuson Linear Vascular Probe, Convex Probe and Endovaginal transducer.

Sequoia 256  Ultrasound Machine Cardio SOLD OUT
with Probes $5,799 SOLD /
 Includes 3 cardio probes SOLD OUT
The Acuson Sequoia 256 model is also for sale complete with probes and ready to
ship anywhere in the world. This is one of the top of the line ultrasounds for cardio.
256 units SOLD – none currently in stock.

Call To Order: 858-731-7278

Screen shots of software and features in ultrasounds

Medical Equipment Guarantee
We have biomed techs who inspect all hospital and medical equipment.
We therefore put a 30 day parts guarantee on all medical equipment
and guarantee it to be in good working order at the time of
pick up or delivery.

Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound for Sale San Diego refurbished / used with 90 day warranty

Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound for Sale San Diego refurbished / used with 90 day warranty

Hospital Direct Medical
“New, Used and Refurbished Medical & Hospital Equipment”

4901 Morena Blvd. #506
San Diego, Ca. 92117
Phone: 858-731-7278

Used and refurbished ultrsounds including Siemens and Acuson Sequoia models
San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County equipment
sales and hospital liquidation.

Used and surplus OB/GYN ultrasounds, Vascular ultrasounds, Radiology
ultrasounds and Cardiac ultrasound equipment.

Acuson sequoia ultrasound for sale 512 ultrasound

Acuson sequoia ultrasound for sale 512 ultrasound

Used, pre-owned, surplus ultrasound equipment for sale including
Sequoia 512 ultrasounds, Sonosite 180 Plus ultrasounds and more.

Used Sequoia Ultrasounds for Sale

About Used Surplus Medical and Hospital Equipment

Refurbished and used hospital and medical equipment including Hill Rom hospital beds, Stryker Medical beds, gurneys, stretchers, EKG's, portable OB GYN and Vascular ultrasounds, Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasounds, Draeger / Narcomed anesthesia machines, Maquette and AMSCO "OR" operating / surgical tables, patient monitors, surgery lighting, X- ray machines, refurbished Hill Rom Advanta P1600 hospital beds, sterilizers, eye equipment, endoscopy / Stryker / Olympus towers, Laproscopic towers and carts, portable ultrasounds, OB /GYN ultrasounds, Vascular ultrasounds, Phillips and Lifepack 9 EKG's, stretchers, gurneys, overbed tables, endoscopy equipment, surgical lights, vital signs monitors, exam tables and everything and anything for a hospital and medical center. Hospital Direct Medical 858-731-7287 - Hospital restaurados y usados ​​y equipos médicos incluyendo ultrasonidos Acuson, Draeger / máquinas de anestesia, mesas de operación Narcomed maqueta, monitores de pacientes, la cirugía de iluminación, máquinas de rayos X, Colina camas de hospital Rom, esterilizadores, equipos de ojo, endoscopia / Stryker / Olympus torres, Laproscopic torres y carros, ultrasonidos portátiles, OB / GYN ultrasonidos, ultrasonidos vasculares, EKG de, camillas, camillas, mesas overbed, equipos de endoscopia, lámparas quirúrgicas, monitores de pacientes, monitores de signos vitales, mesas de exámenes y todo y cualquier cosa para un hospital y centro médico. Hospital Direct Medical 858-731-7287 - Se Habla Espanol Gloria Flores (858) 922-6862.
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