GE Marquette MAC 5000 ECG

GE Marquette MAC 5000 ECG –  ElectroCardioGram
For Sale Used – Refurbished

The “Mac 5000” is one of the most popular ECG – EKG units for
sale in the used and refurbished medical market. Equipped with
a durable mobile cart these ECG’s are used by thousands of
doctors in the USA and Internationally and are known to
be very durable and reliable for relaying patient data.

MAC® 5000, GE’s premier ECG system, delivers advanced disease management capabilities through its vast collection of proven algorithms. The MAC 5000 system offers the sophistication required for advanced ECG applications, while its ease of use extends this level of performance to the broadest range of users possible. And it’s part of the complete GE suite of networked, non-invasive testing solutions designed to maximize patient throughput and department productivity. Add the stress option, and you combine the industry’s leading high performance resting ECG system with comprehensive, equally advanced exercise-testing capabilities in a single, compact system.

$1,995.00 with cart included – does not include tax or shipping
$1,795.00 for ECG without cart
Bio-med certified, calibrated and ready for patient use.

GE MAC 5000 ECG EKG for Sale Order: 858-263-4894 or email us at

GE MAC 5000 ECG EKG for Sale

Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Program for Adults and Pediatrics – the industry’s most thoroughly documented, simultaneous 12-lead ECG acquisition analysis program for uncompromising quality and reliability – remains your most clinically valuable second opinion.

Features to enhance productivity and workflow Specifically designed to enhance your entire staff’s efficiency, the MAC 5000 combines technological advances with ease-of-use features in one system. • The digital CAM-14 Module reduces noise and artifact for clearer ECG tracings. • Large field-of-view display gives you a clear view of the screen from any angle. • Analog ECG output facilitates easy integration with other cardiacdiagnostic devices, such as echocardiography and nuclear medicine systems. • Compact system design offers easy mobility. • Extensive customization – including display and final-report formatting – accommodates individual user preferences. • Trolley design features a convenient holder for the acquisition module, ample writing surface area, wider bins, and a covered storage compartment. • The MAC 5000’s stress option incorporates our leading exercise-testing technologies. Signal-acquisition advances help reduce baseline wander and ST-segment distortion to generate clearer, more well-defined ECGs. • Barcode and magnetic card reader options help reduce errors by automating the input of patient data.

GE MAC 5000 ECG EKG for Sale Order: 858-263-4894 or email us at

GE MAC 5000 ECG EKG for Sale Order: 858-263-4894 or email us at

What is an EKG – ECG?
An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart. An EKG shows the heart’s electrical activity as line tracings on paper. The spikes and dips in the tracings are called waves. … A natural electrical system causes the heart muscle to contract.

What is the Difference Between an “EKG” and an “ECG“?
The echocardiogram is a more advanced testing procedure in comparison to theEKG. The echocardiogram uses ultrasound, or echoing high-frequency sound waves, to create a visual image of your heart. This helps doctors view the internal structure of your heart and how well blood is able to flow through it.

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